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Our new album "Yona" is finally out, and available on all digital platforms.

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Zenith Duo

Talia Erdal - Cello & Voice
Irene Kok - Cello

Home: Welcome
Zenith Duo - Song to Kyla
Zenith Duo

Zenith Duo - Song to Kyla

Zenith Duo - Song to Kyla From Zenith Duo's album YONA released 1.5.2020 Get the album on Bandcamp: Spotify: Or Itunes: Talia Erdal: Cello & Voice Irene Kok : Cello Music & lyrics by Talia Erdal Sound & Mix by Zvika Hirshler Video by Tzur Kotzer (English translation below) שיר לקיילה: הרחק מעבר לשדה ואחרי המסילה האופק יושב, מונח מעבר לקירות סוגרים ואחרי חלון אטום פרוש המרחב המחכה רק לך. ואת רוצה ללכת, לפרוץ את החלון ללכת וללכת, לעוף רחוק רחוק לא לעצור לרגע, לא להביט אחור. עופי מעבר לאופק, לכי ואל תדעי לאן תני לרוח לסרוק את שערך בין כה את לא נועדת לכאן. ואת תמריאי לשחקים, ואז מן הגבהים תראי את כל השדה לכבודך נפתח תעופי על כנפי רוחות שישאוך למרחקים ותתני רק להן להדריך אותך. ואת רוצה ללכת... וכל מה שתשאירי מאחור הוא רק סדק פעור בתוך החלון שיכניס פנימה את האור. English Lyrics: Far away beyond the field and after the train tracks The horizon is laid. Beyond the closing walls and past the sealed window The open space is waiting just for you. And you want to go, break through the window, Fly into the distance without stopping, without looking back. Fly beyond the horizon, go without knowing where, Let the wind comb your hair, Anyway you were not meant to be here. And you will soar up to the skies, and from the heights you will see The field opening up for you. You will fly on wind’s wings which will carry you far away And let them be your only guide. And you want to go…. And the only thing you will leave behind Is a gaping hole in the window That will let the light in.
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How many sounds can two cellos and a human voice produce?

The Dutch-Israeli Zenith Duo is a refreshing new voice in the classical and ethnic music scene. Performing original compositions, folk tunes, baroque sonatas and music dedicated to them by modern composers, the duo takes the listener on a journey between different worlds that explore the diversity and beauty of the cello and the human voice.

Their debut album "Yona" was released on the 1.5.2020

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Talia Erdal

Jerusalem born cellist Talia Erdal is a versatile musician: a cellist, composer and singer who isn't afraid to try out any style of music.

Former Assistant principal cellist of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and principal cellist of the Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble, Talia played as a soloist with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Beer Sheva Sinfonietta, Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble, Jerusalem Street Orchestra and more.

Her interest in different styles of music and her search for a direct connection to her audience brought her to participate in multiple community-based projects, and perform on unconventional stages and on the streets, hospitals and homes.

She often composes for theatre and dance, and performs her own music influenced by middle-eastern and Jewish traditions, classical music, western contemporary music and jazz.

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Irene Kok

Dutch cellist Irene Kok is always looking for new adventures on stage and new ways to perform and create music. 

With the thought that music can bring something valuable to the people and the social environment she likes to connect to her audience and bring something special every time she goes on stage.

Currently living in Vienna, she is specializing in solo and chamber music repertoire next to her interest of baroque and folk music. 
In the current concert season Irene Kok performs as a soloist with the North Netherlands Philharmonic, Camerata Wien and Collegium Musicum Carolinum. She is a member of the ensemble ATOUT in Vienna and the Chimaera Trio in the Netherlands, with which she is participating in the 'AVROTROS' classical presents,  making their debutalbum in 2019 and being a frequent guest on the Dutch radio and TV. 

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